Menstruality Consciousness Course

Online via Zoom
6 weeks on Wednesdays 19:00 - 21:00
Starts 17th March

Cost ~ £108 

Menstruality consciousness is a way of being in awareness of the natural rhythms and cycles of your own body – from the days of our first bleed right through to the post-menopause. Opportunity for this is not commonly offered to us in our lives, and many of us grow up ignoring these natural cycles or covering up our period when it arrives. Bringing awareness to your monthly cycle brings the seed of kindness toward yourself everyday. It’s a way of living harmoniously with the natural ebbs and flows of our energy, our moods, and working out how to manage the discomfort or joy this can bring.

The course is an introduction to menstruality consciousness as a practice for self-care. It introduces the seasonal nature of each monthly cycle and gives you a new language you can use to express the experience of your cycle. We’ll cover this in theory and through experiential practices.


You’ll also be taught yoga practices which support the different stages of your cycle, as well as relieving pain or living with conditions such as endometriosis. We’ll take time to rest, using the practice of yoga nidra, which will integrate the lessons of the course. Each week will follow with a supporting email with a recap, practices to do at home and resources.


Please note, the group will be kept deliberately small and not offered on a drop in basis – this is so that the group can get to know each other and feel comfortable sharing their own stories. As such, until the group is formed I have not laid out a strict map of the weeks, however here are some of the topics we will definitely cover:


  • Introduction to the seasonal nature of the menstrual cycle

  • Yoga practices to support the seasonal aspects of the cycle (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn)

  • Reclaiming your first bleed (menarche)

  • Pain management & the vitality of rest

  • Natural fertility

  • Period poverty & environmentally friendly periods

About me and how I've come to teach this course:

I am a yoga teacher with my own practice of menstruality consciousness. For the past 5 years or so I have learnt how to live more comfortably with the changing of my internal seasons, this has helped me manage my stress and anxiety, pains around menstruation and the big unpleasant changes in mood I would experience just before my bleed. I practice natural fertility and use no form of contraception. I have previously been a user of both the Microgynon pill and the Mirena coil, and can share my experiences relating to these methods. I have trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Carly Mountain, both wise women who share a form of yoga which works with and not against the natural cycles of women. I have found the practice of menstruality consciousness invaluable to my life and happiness, and this course is born out of a hope to share the benefits with other women.

Who this course is for:

This course is womb focused, and design for those of bleeding age with wombs. I recognise that not all women bleed, and not all who bleed are women: therefore if this course is unsuitable for you but you are interested in this work, there are some very good teachers I can recommend to you who work trans women, non-binary folk and women who have stopped bleeding. Please get in touch I would be delighted to pass you their details.


This course will not give medical advice or diagnosis, but it could help you to manage existing conditions and more generally come to listen to the wisdom of your own body. You’ll be asked to complete a health questionnaire before the start of the course so that I might be able to tailor the course to the specific needs of the group.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary, nor any particular level of fitness required.

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