support for individuals & small groups

I work with anyone who is interested in how a yoga practice can support a positive relationship with their body, wellbeing and menstrual cycle. 

In the spirit of a seasonal approach to yoga, I draw on a rich mix of movement, mudra, dance, poetry, writing, simple breath work, and yoga nidra. All of these practices are of great importance to me in my own yoga practice and I share them from the heart. 

I can offer support for you if:

  • You want a yoga practice which recognises the ebbs and flows of energy in your body and life

  • You are feeling tired, stressed and rundown, and you want a yoga practice which can help you sleep better and rest more easily

  • You want to be able to live in harmony with the natural cycles of the year 

  • You want to be able to live in harmony with your own menstrual cycle

  • You want a yoga practice that supports a positive connection with the womb space and fertility (for natural and conscious conception and contraception)

One to one sessions can be particularly supportive for those of you who are living with an autoimmune condition, are stressed or anxious, are looking for a deeper connection to the wisdom of you menstrual cycle. 



one to one ~ £40 per session / £120 for four sessions

two person ~ £50 per session / £160 for four sessions

larger groups please enquire.