Grief circles & sacred grief work

I started holding grief circles in 2019 after the death of my mum. Searching for a space to share my grief and joys in the light of death was difficult, I found nothing that adequately gave me what I wanted. 

The first grief circle I held was in my own home, and was a co-created evening with some close friends. We spoke the names of the people we wanted to remember and shared stories about them, and ate food together. 

Since then, the grief circles I hold have started to incorporate other practices which I have found useful for tending to the great state of emotion that grief is. Now, grief circles include some slow and authentic movement, voice, poetry, and yoga nidra. When held together in person they include sharing food. 

I feel strongly that our inadequate tending of grief causes large scale problems in our society. I hold these spaces with the intention of giving people a kind and inviting space to listen, share, speak, and express themselves on the experiences of loss, love and death.