experience, influences, & training

I was introduced to a regular yoga practice and sadhana with my London-based teacher, Elizabeth Garvey (London Fields Yoga). Over the years I have taught and studied in India, Mexico and the UK. 

I have a great amount of love, respect and gratitude for Elizabeth, my first regular teacher who taught me the value of yoga and encouraged me to go deeper into my practice. It is at Elizabeth's small personable studio in East London that I was also fortunate enough to be taught by Bess Shipside.

It's with great love that I also recognise Carly Mountain (teaching here in Sheffield) who has been such an incredible influence in my life over the last three years, setting me on an irreversible path of discovery of sexuality, spirituality, poetry, and femininity.


Likewise, I am forever inspired by the wonderfully empowering teachings of Uma Dinsmore Tuli and the lessons of the Santosa CommunityUma's book YONI SHAKTI is a radical handbook for the liberating, transformational and healing practice of yoga for women - I urge all women to read it. 

My mentors, Jules Heavens & Yoli Maya Yeh, hold me accountable as a teacher and person. Their wise words and support have been of particular help to me as I learn to share a yoga which embodies the anti-racist, feminist, and inclusive principles that I believe in. 

The music and art of Sivani Mata Francis is of such solace and importance to me, I couldn't adequately convey. And, the brilliance of Theo Wildcroft has helped me see how yoga should never be for anyone without first including them. 


I first trained at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Kerala and I wish to to make clear I am not in support of the organisation and no longer offer the institution my patronage. Their handling of the reports of abuse within the organisation, including at the hands of their key figurehead, has violated the trust handed over by so many yoga students who have passed through their doors - namely women. I stand in support of all survivors and ask you to do the same. Please check out YONI SHAKTI THE MOVEMENT for more information. 

Let's eradicate the abuse of women in yoga, and reclaim yoga as a tool for planetary healing and justice.​

  • YTTC Sivananda Vedanta Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala (March 2016)

  • The Butterfly Course (year 1, 2 & 3), Carly Mountain

  • Total Yoga Nidra Foundation training, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli (Autumn 2018)

  • Ajapa Japa meditation, Brahmananda (November 2018)

  • A Skillset for a New Paradigm (Yoli Maya Yeh, January 2019)

  • Trauma Training for Yoga Teachers, Susi Wrenshaw (January 2019)

  • Reading & Writing Sanskrit, Lucy Crisfield (January 2019)

  • Attending & Responding, Peter Blackaby (March 2019)

  • Post-lineage Yoga in a Nutshell (Theo Wildcoft, Spring 2019)

  • Trauma & the Teaching Relationship (Theo Wildcoft, Spring/Summer 2019)

  • Yoga for Menstrual Health & Fertility, Uma Dinsmore Tuli (January 2020)

  • Yoni Shakti Immersion, Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Sivani Mata Francis (Summer 2020)

  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy, Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Sivani Mata Francis (September 2020)