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My name is Alyce and I share heartfelt, soulful yoga in Sheffield. 

I give slow, hatha, flow-like classes for people to deepen their relationship between the physical and obvious, and the subtle and blissful . I put great emphasis on listening within in order to connect with our own intuition and the cyclical wisdom present in seasons, the womb cycle and nature. 

My classes share asana and sequence with simplicity, so that you can be encouraged to listen to your own body and it's range of experiences that differ day to day.

I believe deeply in the positive power of sangha (community) to support and aid our practice. My classes are intended as a reciprocal sharing of experience between you and I. 



"Alyce is a really intuitive, helpful, thoughtful teacher. Getting there on a Sunday evening makes a real difference to my practice and my week."

– Jenni

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